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the capital of the kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship, called also “small Berlin” due to its XIXth-century Art Noveau architecture, beautifully situated on water canals



a small, picture-postcard town perched on the left bank of the Vistula River, Ciechocinek is one of Poland’s biggest health resorts. It attracts patients and holiday-makers not only with it’s curative qualities, but also with it’s picturesque situation, its numerous flowerbeds and parks.




the city of the enamoured, with

St. Valentine’s relics. It survived the wars untouched and boasts perfectly preserved medieval churches and surrounding city walls, that is why it’s often called Polish Carcassonne




one of the main attractions, as well as being curative, recreational and relaxing, is the city's saline graduation towers. Built in 2001, this structure, with a characteristic shape of a linked polygon, uses brine to generate natural therapeutic aerosols.


Golub - Dobrzyn


famous for its picturesque Teutonic castle located on a high hill, where each year a ghost of Princess Anna Waza comes out of her painting…